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Rp‎ 3.600.000



System Hybrid

Main Unit Kapasitas 3 Line Telkom  8 Extension  Expand “

Gratis Telpon display untuk operator KX-T7730

Lebih detail

Fitur utama:

• Hybrid system
• Up to 3 CO lines and 8 Extensions
• Direct Inward System Access (DISA) with message
• Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) with message
• Day/Night/Lunch mode
• Type-approved by IDA for use in Singapore
• Caller ID Display on SLT
• Build-in Voice Message (optional)
• 3-level Automatic Reception with Voice Guidance
• Flexible SMS Routing*


Ongkos Pasang dan Setting  Rp.100.000,-/Titik/Extension

Kabel Telephone Rp4000,-/Meter

Pesawat Telephone Analog KX-T505 Rp.195.000,-/Unit


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