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What is HD-TVI?

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2015-10-11 19:09:40

High-Definition Transport Video (HD-TVI) is the latest HD Analog technology introduced. HD-TVI solutions are capable of transmitting zero latency 720p or 1080p HD video over standard coaxial cabling up to 1600’. HD-TVI “tri-brid” recorders are compatible with all analog, all HD-TVI cameras, and supported IP cameras, on any channel and in any configuration. HD-TVI offers comparable resolution to other HD CCTV formats, a high quality image, is capable of longer transmissions, and is the most flexible option for camera compatibility, hybrid capabilities, and overall configurability. What do you want to konw?HD-TVI offers the best overall performance (resolution, image quality and transmission distance) with the fewest limitations and best overall flexibility – when compared to alternative HD technology formats. HD-TVI Capabilities Max Resolution 1080p Transmission Distance Coaxial Cable (RG59) 1600’ Twisted Pair (CAT5) 700’ DVR Input Compatibil


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