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DIY 2 Kamera Kits

Rp‎ 3.400.000



Paket CCTV ini sangat mudah di install, karena semua peralatan sudah termasuk di dalam paket.  Kalau butuh bantuan hubungi teknisi kami di 081916753203.

Lebih detail

kits includes:

- HD Recorder 4Channel


- 2 x HD Indoor Camera 720P

- 2 x Cable 10m cables pre-made

- 2 x Power Supply 12V DC


Product Description:

This 4 Channels Real Time DVR H.264, 120FPS Real time Multiplex Network Ready DVR series combines Remote Surveillance, Burglar Prevention, and Evidentiary recording features.

It is designed to become a simple DVR system with all necessary functions such as network ready for remote viewing and back up, built in H.264 web server for real time 30FPS remote monitoring with out the lag and the delay of JPEG video server for superior Video and Audio over the internet remote viewing and operation .

Also, it will allow you to view your DVR with using any Web Browser. It supports QuickTime for Mac or Active-X for PC or with provided advance remote monitoring software C.M.S. that enable you to watch and control multiple units (up to 16 all at the same time).  support I-phone and Windows based smart Phones.

This DVR is SATA Hard Drive ready no need to format or load any special software plug and play any SATA Hard Drive up to 6TB total storage (see box contains). Through the built in Four Audio channels you can record and play back Audio with Video even over the internet.

For easy operation, a USB mouse  is included. Back up options available through a USB Port or remotely over the internet dual operation allow for remote viewing onver internet or smartphone.


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