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Solution X100C

Rp‎ 2.600.000

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Fingerprint Attendance Machine that specially developed with the most current advanced technology.

More details

This Machine have a large memory capacity and integrated by many features, such as : USB Flash Disk, Web Server, Scheduled Bell, SMS message, Workcode, Function Key, Etc. Integrated with a full colour 3 inch TFT LCD which able to display employee's Photo. Back Casing Design of This Machine can hide the cable from the Installation and also have heavy back panel so make it seem more luxury, elegantly and powerful.


Main Features:

- This finger print machince can be accessed via internet or remotely.


1. Hardware

2. Brand : Solution
3. Type : X100-C

4. Features :

  • Standalone, No need computer when operate
  • User Capacity : 10.000 FingerPrint
  • Log transaction capacity : 200.000 Transaction
  • PC Communication Type : TCP/IP (RJ45), RS232/RS485, USB Cable, USB Disk
  • Response Time : <= 1 seconds
  • Matching Type : 1:1 and 1:N
  • Standard Features: TFT LCD Full Color 3 Inch, PhotoID, USB Flash Disk, Schedule Bell, Web Server, SMS Message, Workcode , Function Key.
  • LCD and Speaker built-in for authentication signal
  • SOFTWARE INCLUDE, Attendance logs can be downloaded to PC, so you can print any kind of attenandce reports, and also can be used for calculating your employees' salary calculation based on your company's need.


X100-C Software + Payroll

With features :
1. Employees management
2. Shifts/schedules management (Support multi-shift for factory)
3. Calculation for Late, Leave Early, Overtime, and workhour total.
4. Facility for input: Sick, asking for leave, etc. Also attendance correction.
5. Calculation Report period can be calculated freely from daily to monthly, detailed report, and summary report.
6. Calculation For Salary and formula, also can print employees salary receipt directly.
7. Facility for Customize Report Structure, Data Export, etc.
8. Log monitoring can be done by Real Time.
9. We also provide Free SDK (Software Development Kit), manual and source code samples for further application development.

What's the Benefit?

The benefit of this device:

  • TFT LCD Full Color 3 Inch, this luxury feature making its navigation and attendance proccess become more enjoyable becaue it is able to show Photos of Each Employees during attendance.
  • USB Flash Disk, it is most convenient to be used in remote installation place, especially where it doesn't have computer
  • Web Server, this feature will make the machine become flexible, because it can be remotely run by using Internet Explorer Browser, without any other applications.
  • Schedule Bell, this feature will allow to managing alarm bell at certain times, for example : Check-in/check-out time, break time/lunch time, etc.
  • SMS Message, making it more interactive, administrator can send personal message to read at attenandce checking. When he/she make authentication at attenandce machine it will display special message on machine's LCD. For example : please come to HRD after lunch, or another important messages.
  • Workcode/Function Key, this feature is able to differ attenandce for Check-in, Check-out, Lunch, Overtime, Business Leave, etc.
  • Heavy Duty Casing Design + Iron Panel, The Casing Structure can making cable be hide from installation and back panel made by Iron Material so make it seem More Powerful.


Note : ***

Above price includes installation and free 1st  training.
A week after installation or after the machine has been used, 2nd training will be conducted. On this training focus on making report and will be charged at Rp150.000 / visit.


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